Freedom Fund Dinner 2018

Signature Freedom Fund Dinner

It takes the joint efforts of those in the community to make beneficial changes within our communities. We believe that our mission and vision for a striving city that overcomes the evils of discrimination is worth the investment from all of those in our community. The Freedom Fund Dinner and Awards is our organization’s annual fundraising event that allows the NAACP to foster youth educational events, provide civil rights assistance, and advocate for local changes to create opportunities for those who have been overlooked by the system. The dinner is also a time for the spotlight! We recognize the individuals and organizations that are the game changers in our local community and provide them the opportunity to invoke their message to our family. The work it takes to create a better community for all does not come easy, it takes a team, from the president, the churches, the members, to the youth volunteers to make progress. We welcome you to join one of the oldest and influential civil rights organizations in our community for an evening of fellowship, comradery, and the continual fight for justice that we aspire for.