Launch of Towards Equitable Electric Mobility (TEEM)

Dear Friends,

Today, we are excited to join The Greenlining Institute and Forth in announcing the launch of the Towards Equitable Electric Mobility (TEEM) platform. This collaborative initiative is aimed at advancing racial and environmental justice through equitable electric mobility. TEEM includes over 30 organizations across five states: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Since its launch, TEEM has cultivated a peer-to-peer learning and advocacy community of practice that prioritizes the intersections of mobility equity, community building, and transportation electrification. The TEEM Platform for Equitable Electric Mobility synthesizes three years of collective learnings and recommendations for federal and state programs to integrate equity and sustainability into transportation systems across the country.

We offer principles and implementation recommendations for federal and state Departments of Transportation, transit agencies, auto industry partners, and other key decision-makers.

View the Platform

This campaign is very crucial to addressing critical issues directly related to environmental injustices that are happening not only here locally in the Greater Grand Rapids area but across the state of Michigan and this country.

Special thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of this publication. Over the course of the next several months, the Michigan TEEM Cohort will be sharing the Platform with other advocates to grow additional support for equitable electric mobility. We also plan to begin engaging with local and state government processes to ensure that these principles and recommendations are incorporated into our transportation system for the betterment of our communities.

Want to get involved? Learn more about TEEM and steps to incorporate equity into your transportation policy or program planning by emailing Marques Beene: