The Danger Of Surveillance Technology

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Dear Supporters,

Over the past year we have been working directly with the Grand Rapids Police Department, City Manager, Office of Public Accountability, and the City Attorney on revising the current Administrative Policy for Surveillance Equipment and Surveillance Services. This policy speaks to the deployment and execution of various types of surveillance such as ShotSpotter, unmanned drones, Helicopters, and other equipment. The current policy in our opinion is not sufficient or appropriate for the protection of our citizens and instead encourages the over-policing of black and brown residents. Please see the three main revisions and the link to our op-Ed below that was published by the Grand Rapids Times. We invite you to share this with your networks and send us your feedback. We are asking for community-wide support of the revision of the Administrative Policy for Surveillance Equipment and Surveillance Services. Contact us via email at or call 616-719-3478.

3 Main Revision demands

-Define or remove the term “Exigent Circumstances” which allows GRPD to purchase and use such technologies without city commission approval

-Establish safeguards such as a Community Advisory Committee, a publicly accessible surveillance impact report, and public hearings before the City Commission, including written and oral testimonies and a month-long public comment period.

-Reallocate funding into community resources that have been proven to prevent criminality.